Technology Safety


Technology can be very helpful to victims of domestic violence however it is important to also consider how technology might be misused.  It is important to trust your instincts.  If you suspect your partner knows too much, it is possible that your phone, computer, email, driving or other activities are being monitored.  In order to maintain power and control abusers are able to use creative ways in tracking your activities.


In planning for your safety consider:

  • using a safer computer (public library, community centre, internet cafe) 
  • creating new email or instant messaging accounts on a safer computer using non identifing name & account information
  • changing passwords & pin numbers frequently (online banking, voicemail, instant messaging)
  • using a donated or new cell phone
  • turning your cell phone off when it is not in use
  • getting a private mailbox and not giving out your real address
  • searching your name on the internet for personal information and checking phone directories to ensure your number is unlisted
  • asking about your records and data with government agencies and organizations to ensure restricted access (court, government, post office)
  • calling police, your local women’s shelter or Assaulted Women’s Helpline 1-866-863-0511 for support if you suspect your activities are being monitored   

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This information was used with permission from the National Network to End Domestic Violence.